Black Smoke Blends (Cool and Lavish)




I’m introducing a New addition to the Khandie Woo product line⚡️
Welcome our Herbal🌺Botanical smoke blends.
Planted and picked in the US. 100% all natural Dried herbs. Smoke one and see for yourself.

Our first Blend is
A Calming lavish blend
Lavender: This herb has a sweet, floral smell and taste that is popular for its calming effect. Lavender has been vaped for pain relief and to help with insomnia. It is also said to have antibacterial properties.

Smoking mint leaves improve blood circulation and relax nerves; peppermint leaves clears the lungs and respiratory passages and can make breathing easier. ... Inhaling smoke is still enjoyed, without the negative, addictive properties of nicotine.
Rose petals:
When smoked, rose petals are known to produce a sense of inner peace, act as an aphrodisiac, and decrease depression. Rose petals are also known for their ability to assist people who are trying to quit smoking nicotine-filled cigarettes.

One of the more popular herbs used for aromatherapy has always been chamomile for its relaxing properties. Some people use it to help them calm down and fall asleep.

Mullein is mildly relaxing, helps to promote calm feelings, and fights against anxiety. Typically mullein is added to smoking blends to reduce harshness. It burns slowly and steadily, with thick plumes of white smoke that’s soothing to the throat. Mullein can also be taken as a tea that promotes healthy digestion and reduces stomach discomfort. 

Available loose 1/2 oz , 1 oz and 2 oz quantities in a convenient tin for your rolling/pipe smoking/mixing with tobacco or other greens pleasure. You can also drink the loose smoke blends as tea ”. 🚫tobacco, 🚫THC, just plants you can smoke.

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