Khandie Woo LLC is an upcoming luxury fashion accessory company with a wide collection of one of a kind pieces. 
Started in 2013 by Lysandra Perez, a Brooklyn native with Trinidadian and Grenadian roots, Khandie Woo LLC focused on making handmade, high quality jewelry incorporating the essence of its Caribbean background. By 2014 we started participating in pop up shops, photo shoot collabs and other opportunities to help grow the brand. 
In 2017 CEO/Designer Lysandra, developed a new line of hand detailed lens free eyewear crafted with colorful African fabric which Immediately started becoming one of our hottest items. Our brand gained even more popularity during this year after we got featured on the runways in NY, LA, Holland, Romania and Serbia, through event sponsorships, social media influencers and Celebrity media personalities wearing our products, radio interviews and much more. Our unique hand detailed fashion staples have been found in a few locations in New York like Da Spot NYC,Askan NYC and Vedazzling Accessories & Rococo design boutique.
To date we are on the cover of the 4th issue of We Talkin Magazine as well as featured in NYSFE magazine's 5th issue and working on expanding to new markets through media and entertainment as our motto encourages everyone to “Kreate your style with Khandie Woo”. 
In March of 2019 Khandie Woo LLC celebrated the Company Trademark. Khandie Woo®
In December 2019 we acquired 4 Brand Ambassadors who excel in their field and we celebrate their accomplishments. In January of 2020 our Pop Up location opened up inside of Hall of Fame Studios 89-37 164th street Jamaica Queens NY.
Favorite Quote:
"Follow your passion and the Universe will handle the rest”.
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